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Bendigo Jailhouse Rockers Club Inc.

Bendigo Jailhouse Rockers Club was formed in August 1996.  Our original home was at the Finn Street Reserve hall where we operated for some years until relocating to our current venue – St Andrews Church hall in Myers Street.  We meet every Monday night from 7.30pm to 10.00pm (with the exception of a small break over Christmas/New Year).  Lessons run from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, social dancing follows, and a light supper is provided.

Club Guidelines - Bendigo Jailhouse Rockers Club Inc A2233981


Our club, as a whole, is about providing a safe and welcoming environment for members and non-members to learn and enjoy Rock’n’Roll and other recreational dancing. We ask that all our club members strive to achieve and maintain our guidelines, which we consider to be very basic and are of a common sense nature. Our basic guideline is that no club member is to interfere with the enjoyment of any other person.


Guidelines are to apply to all club members when in attendance at any club function, or at any other venue when representing our club.

“Club Guidelines”

  • Be aware to provide a safe physical and psychological environment;

  • At all times be positive and encouraging;

  • Be respectful, courteous and mindful of others;

  • Wear appropriate dress for the occasion.

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